Times Change | 3 Benefits of Wide Format Printing

Not long ago, wide-format printing couldn’t be considered a real contender for commercial production. The wide-format printing market was still in its experimental stages. Much like most industries, technology has moved quickly the last decade or so. This has led the entire industry into a new frontier, with capabilities & benefits never before seen. Here are 3 of the many benefits of implementing newer wide-format printing into your business.

Practical Production

With today’s printing considerations and necessities becoming more diverse, wide format production is much more advantageous than yesterday’s machines. Wide-format printers offer faster turnaround times, easier logistics, better operating systems, and more efficient workflow.

New Frontiers

Users of wide-format machines have seen not only the capability of more conventional tasks, but newer digital tech jobs that up until now, wouldn’t have been possible. With the fast set-up and changeover, the ability to experiment becomes much simpler. With the temporary shelf life of digital media, comes the temporary shelf life of intricate designs and creative print media. Large-format printing offers higher quality, more reliable, and faster throughput.


Before digital technology was the most influential media format, speed would be the most important factor in a machine’s arsenal. Because of the wide array of materials needed for printing in today’s world, wide-format printing answers the bell on being the most versatile format in the industry. One wide-format printer can be used to print everything from pop up banners, adhesive decals, external displays, POS graphics, labels, vehicle wraps, etc. Technology has enabled wide-format printing to be able to do just about anything with only one machine.

As you can see, wide-format printing has opened up a whole new world for business owners. In addition to wide-format printers we have carried in the past, we also recently announced that we will be carrying KIP wide-format printers. This has been a very proud moment, having begun a partnership with one of the world’s leaders in wide-format innovation. For more innovation on the capability and versatility of wide-format printers, or any of our KIP models, please don’t hesitate to give BXI Consultants a call!