4 Typical Help Desk Issues That Bog Down Orgnaztions

Everyone can relate to the frustrations associated with faulty printing issues.  The increasing digital world we live in still hasn’t rendered printing irrelevant and countless companies rely on these operations to fulfill both productivity demands and quotas.  Without adequate print management software, help desks can become inundated while spending a considerable amount of time fielding printing related complaints or inquires.  Today we’re talking about some common printing related fires that support desk personnel are tasked with putting out.

Installation Issues

It’s not abnormal for large organizations to have thousands of end users and if there isn’t adequate support protocol that makes printer location and installation easy, the help desk and/or IT department can receive a gross amount of inquires asking for assistance with installing printers and integrating software.  Additionally, for companies with mobile end users or personnel located in satellite offices, this can be especially problematic as the the need for installing new printers concurrently increases.

Typical Printer Malfunction

With all the different problems that can affect printing operations (software, network, servers installation) the actual printer itself can often be the issue alone, of course.  We’ve all experienced these types of hang ups, such as low toner, low paper or paper jams.  It’s not atypical that these pesky problems can be augmented by a shared printer network of printers.  When one single printer malfunctions, multiple users will dial for assistance.

Frozen Que

Even though printer technology has come a long way, jobs can still get bogged down in the que.  While end users are often able to work out an issue, it can still hold up other employee’s jobs from arriving to their designated printer.  As with most of these issues, this leads to an increased number of calls to the help desk until the issue is alleviated.  Naturally, the more printers networked the more time has to be spent by help desk personnel and end users alike.

Bogged Down Servers

The traditional printing network is susceptible to a common issue, servers can turn into the epicenter of a connected failure.  If a print server experiences an unfavorable issue or problem, the entire interconnected system will subsequently suffer — often leading to a substantial uptick in traffic to the help desk.  We’ll be addressing how to increase print server speed in the next several weeks, so stay tuned.

Until print-related problems are ironed out, multiple end users will contact help desk personnel for assistance and, naturally, this leads to considerable time waste and inefficiency for everyone involved.  Time is valuable and we at BXI know first hand how inconvenient printer-related issues can be. We invite you to call if your organization is interested in initiating protections.  Whether you’re interested in a first rate electronic document management system in Buffalo or Rochester, the best multifunction printer or printer toner, or a full catalogue of Xerox products, our knowledgeable and experienced representatives are here to help, so don’t hesitate to call with any printing questions, inquiries or requests your organization needs.