Cybersecurity in 2018 | 5 Ways to Be Safe & Secure this Year

Here at BXI Consultants, we pride ourselves on our partnership with Xerox, as they are the world leader in printing and business technology. As of late, Xerox has been talking a lot about how cybersecurity is so vital. The last few years, cybercriminals have infiltrated some of the largest corporations in the world, wreaking havoc and stealing vital data and confidential information. With as many mobile and IoT devices that play a factor in business today, anyone working for your company could provide a gateway for cybercrime. Here are a few things to keep in mind this year to maintain a secure database.

Know What is Critical to Protect.

Regardless of the industry of your company, keep in mind that you have a responsibility over some sort of client information. Whether its credit card info, address, login passwords, establish what is imperative to protect from cybercriminals.

Have a Plan

Ensure that your IT department is over-prepared for any type of cyberthreat. Establish a plan that not only can prevent unwanted threat, but also a reactive plan for if and when a cyber attack occurs.

It’s a Team Sport

No matter if your company is 3 people or 3,000, every single person should know and understand the importance of being secure. Each person will have a different role, dependent on their position, but they need to know how important that role is.

Evaluate Security Solutions

How well do you know your IT team? Now more than ever, evaluating the capabilities, limitations and how to use them effectively is so important. Anything from a cell phone to a printer that is hooked up to the internet can be a possible threat. Make sure your team prioritizes cybersecurity.

Don’t Stop Learning

This is just the beginning. We live in a different world now. Printers and electronic document management systems transfer confidential information daily, and you should always evaluate & re-evaluate the effectiveness of your defense. You should always be educating your staff with regular security programs and be ready to adapt.

IoT-based vulnerabilities are providing companies all over the country with the threat of unprecedented attack. Simply google ransomware, or cyberattack and you’ll see just how dangerous and expensive it can get. The cyber black market has evolved over the last few years, and you must be vigilant in protecting every inch of your digital spectrum. For more information on cybersecurity with Xerox products, just give us a call or fill out our contact form.