Did You Know? ScanFlowStore

ScanFlowStore is an intuitive scanning and storage application that allows you to simply and easily create digital archives by scanning directly from your Xerox multifunctional device.

Key Features

  • Text-searchable PDF files are automatically created and easily retrieved
  • No user interface (the software runs in the background) so no additional user training is needed
  • Scan-to-email directly from the Xerox multifunction device
  • Email notifications can be sent to recipients when a scan has been placed in a folder
  • Scan-to-print for instant printing of a scan on a remote printer
  • Multiple output allows you to scan to several destinations (folder, remote printer, email, etc.) at the same time
  • PDF-to-PDF allows you to add scans to an existing PDF file
  • Dynamic meta data gives the right routing and name to the text-searchable file for logical indexing and organization
  • Bates stamp for guaranteeing the authenticity of a document
  • Bar code processing (optional) routes documents based on information in a bar code printed on a document, great for batch scanning
  • Real time two-way information directly from your Windows file structure and/or third party applications such as ERP/CRM/Financial database systems (with  EIP-enabled devices only)
  • Personalized scan menus: Users can have their own personalized scan menu displayed on the Xerox user interface (with EIP-enabled devices only)
  • Encrypted, secure communication between the Xerox device and network (with EIP-enabled devices only)