Inefficient Network Printers. What Gives?

Often, when bogged down printing is brought up, it runs concurrent with hammering out software options to change or what hardware to swap.  But in reality, the issues that lead to slow printing are premised on how the units are naturally integrated, so  identifying the right fix can sometimes be a tall task.  Today we’re touching on three such cases with some coinciding solutions.

Overworked Servers

Typically, printers are integrated together via print servers, and these servers can lead to bogged-down printing due to all the different jobs being sent from different cogs.  If there are any irregularities in one point, the printing process can impact the entire network, leading to inefficiency.  Rerouting/changing the way your printing units are networked to ensure all jobs aren’t being sent to on server or improving efficiency of the server itself will take care of the issue.

Satellite Office Traffic

If your business holds multiple satellite offices, having a central print server that integrates the off-site offices/printers is sometimes the most cost-effective protocol, but an issue that typically comes with this setup is that whenever print jobs are cued, the file(s) are sent over WAN to the server and then back, which can lead to excessive traffic and sluggish printing for remote offices.

Terminal Issues

A terminal server is a hardware device or server that provides terminals (printer, PC and/or other devices) with mutual connection point to a local or WAN network.  When printing via these services, jobs can get bogged-down due to the application being located in the terminal unit, which may or may not be in a completely different location than the printer(s) and user(s).  When a user initiates a print job, the file is send over the WAN to the desired printer. When many people are printing simultaneously, the resulting high load can lead to sluggish printing speed.  Keep in mind that there are a myriad of avenues to  to install printers onto a terminal server and multiple ways to alleviate the issue — they can include increasing the network capacity, delivering the tasks at the client or files compression.

With so many moving parts, integrated and network printing systems don’t always run smoothly.  But BXI Consultants has the answers for your printing questions, and needs.  Whether you need a first-rate copier repair service in Buffalo, the best multifunction printer or stable of Xerox black and white multifunction printers, don’t hesitate to give us a call.  Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through the process to ensure your organization is running efficiently.