Ink-Onomics 101 | Getting the Most of Your Printer Toner

As business owners, consumers, or the everyday printer you probably already know that printer toner can be quite expensive. The best multifunction printer for you or your business will depend on several different factors, but you can learn how to save money on printer toner by a few simple steps. Here are a few things to consider when looking at printer toner cost.

Observe Printer Usage

It can be difficult for printer toner retailers and suppliers to determine which colors are used the most by a company, because some toner cartridges already contain three colors. Black is clearly the most used toner color, as well as the cheapest. Red is often used most often in terms of color printer toner, as people tend to use red to emphasize text in documents. Pay attention to what colors are being used the most, ie; needing to be replaced most often, and you might recognize that printing in grayscale could save on unnecessary color printing.

Preach Print Preview

This goes for everyone. From the top dog down, preach that your printers practice using print preview prior to printing! (say that 5 times fast) It may seem like a no brainer, but using print preview to ensure that all formatting and editing are final before printing can save you significant waste cost on printer toner and paper. A few sheets here and there can really add up, especially if all of your employees are wasting a few here and there!

Teach Printer Settings

Each multifunction printer has its own settings and preferences, which BXI can help with. What we are referring to here is settings such as draft, fast mode, and quality settings. If you learn and master your multifunction printer’s settings and preferences, you can dictate and minimize the amount of toner used for each printout.

Learn About Your MFP

The more you know about your multifunction printer, the more you can prevent waste. With consultation and support from BXI consultants, we can ensure that you know all the ins and outs of your device, to maximize productivity and minimize wasted printer toner. Something as simple as knowing how to store, replace, and reverse printer toner cartridges that aren’t frequently used can prevent an unknowing employee from discarding full cartridges just because they thought they were already empty.


So there is your basic lesson on maximizing the output of your printer toner cartridges. For more information on printer toner in Buffalo NY, WNY, or Rochester NY, please contact us or stop by our facilities in Tonawanda NY!