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Print Audit Electronic Document Management Systems

BXI Consultants proudly partners with Print Audit, a Print Management company to offer software and support for electronic document management.

Print Audit software along with Xerox products allow our customers to assess their print environment to maximize workflow and efficiency. Companies from any industry can benefit from document management solution software. Real Estate, Law, small business, healthcare, educational institutions, financial businesses, architects and engineers all over the country turn to Print Audit for electronic document management.

So, What does it do?

Print Audit’s electronic document management systems allow your company to track 100% of your printing, copying, scanning and faxing. The software allows you to automate your cost recovery process, and reduce your environmental impact through the reduction of waste.

Facilities Manager

The Facilities Manager service is a powerful and easy to use tool designed to collect information, automate required supplies and service, and report service information for managing multiple printers, copiers, fax machines, and multi-function devices. Essentially it remotely reads your meters and gauges your needs.


The Assessor tool is a version of Print Audit 6 that provides up to 60 days of accurate print tracking to provide complete assessment of your print environment. Assessor will analyze print volumes and workflow to identify equipment inefficiencies and bottlenecks on your network. It will also exactly how documents are being produced in terms of time or process, etc. It will identify how your company can save money through opportunities like finding devices that are not being used to their full potential.

Rapid Assessment Key

This amazing tool is a USB thumb drive which is extremely easy to use and easily gathers meter reads, troubleshoots document output issues, and offers the most accurate scan results in the industry. Print Audit is the only electronic document management company that has been accessed to all major office manufacturers’ device information. It requires no software or hardware installation and scans networks of any kind in just minutes. This helpful little key solution will instantly discover anything from toner levels, to print vs. copy counts, to scan/fax counts, to location or IP address.

BXI is proud to offer electronic document management systems to Buffalo NY, Rochester NY, and Syracuse NY, as Print Audit provides instant improvements to cost effectiveness and environmental impact of printing and copying. Check out these testimonials from Print Audit to see just exactly what they have done for other companies from all over the country.


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