Several Uses for Large Format Printers

We offer several wide format printers from KIP and and HP, which you can find here on the site, but for this month’s blog we just wanted to talk a little bit about all the wonderful things you can do with a wide format printer. Most large format printers have page sizes up to 100 inches, and because they can support such large products, there’s so much you can do. If you’ve never used a large format printer, or you havn’t seen one in action, you might be wondering, “What can it do other than print large pages?” Short answer, a lot!

CAD Drawings/Architecture

Large office settings utilize the benefits of large format printers’ versatility. Printing large CAD drawings, GIS data, presentations, and signage are just a few uses within the office. In the past, designers and architects would draw something up, and it would need to go out to to a printer, which would take hours or days in turnaround. Being able to print right at the office makes the process a whole lot easier.

High Production

Wide format printers can do it all. Speed is a factor. They print at a high rate, which enable a quick turnaround on jobs that you need a lot of copies for. They are built with large projects in mind, and can tackle just about any job. High quality, vibrant color images that really pop.

Color Presentations

Just about every industry has some sort of presentation that will require a workhorse printer. Whether you need to present to pitch for a new potential client, inform employees, or report last month’s data, you can do anything you want right in house with a wide-format printer.

Advertising Signage

You can utilize a large format printer to create stunning graphic advertising to promote whatever you need to. You can create signage, posters banners, vehicle decals, just about anything. You can utilize the large format to have instantaneous signage to promote a special sale, product, or event. These can be great for retail stores, non profit organizations, schools, architects, and more.

These are just a few uses that a KIP or HP wide format printer can provide for your business or organization. For more information on the benefits of investing in a wide format printer, just give us a call! We have several models available that we can help you decide best suits your needs. Turn to BXI Consultants for any of your printing and copying needs.