Slow Printing Servers? Let’s Speed Things Up

We all know the frustration that comes with slow and inefficient printing.  Having to wait to continue your list of tasks happens from time to time and there are a plethora of issues that may result in a bogged down process.  Today we’re talking about four ways to speed up your print servers.

Taking Advantage Of Devoted Print Servers

Deploying dedicated servers are advantageous for a myriad of reasons, specifically in situations when printer servers are clogged, they won’t get in the way of applications that are important to your tasks.  Additionally, using other applications that consume their own resources won’t negatively impact the performance of your print server(s)

Requisite Space On Hard Disk

Another scenario that can bog down printing speeds is when consumers purchase disk drives that aren’t adequate in size.  Generally speaking, printing tasks increase in size when rendered, so multiple print tasks can cause issues when prompted for simultaneous spooling.  Double checking to make sure the hard drive you’re using is large enough is an easy check that should eliminate the issue before moving on to assessing for other causes.

Limit Printer Drivers

Using multiple printer drivers in Windows comes with two issues.  The first, is that an increase in drivers means using up more resources.  Additionally, even when removed, printer drivers are prone to leaving monitoring services behind, resulting in more use of limited resources.  Use software that manages drivers centrally to avoid having to install them on print servers.

Assess Open Links

Sometimes when users are linked to print servers, those links can stay active for extended periods and each one that remains open takes up resources.  Windows server management can be used to assess and subsequently close open connections.  If your server is continually bogged down with open links, it’s typically the result of misbehaving applications.  In severe cases, the manufacturer should be notified.

It’s important to remember that quick fixes may not always be the answer to speed things up.  Sometimes there may just be too many printing tasks for your specific server to handle in which you can consider using additional servers or networking your printers sans servers.

When print servers aren’t working properly, the impact isn’t limited to the employees waiting for the end product(s).  Other departments, including IT personnel, get bogged down and until the issues are corrected, time and efficiency will be compromised.  BXI knows how frustrating printer-related issues can be.  If you’re looking for a copier, copier repair service or printer toner in Buffalo, NY or Rochester, our full catalogue of Xerox products has what you need.  Don’t hesitate to call our knowledgeable staff with any printing questions, inquiries or requests your organization has.