Smart MFPs | What Are They & Does Your Office Need One?

As traditional printers and copiers move into the lores of technological history, “Smart” MFP’s excel and set a new bar for the world of business operations. The best smart MFP’s increase efficiency, reduce cost, and enable your business to take steps forward into the future.

What does “Smart MFP” mean?

As multifunction printers became industry standard by printing, copying, scanning, and faxing, ever updating technology and the increase in usage of mobile devices and cloud based data exchange led to the necessity for change.

“Smart MFP” is a term based on the integration of built in technology that enable multifunction printers to perform in today’s technological world. With simple-to-use interfaces, abilities to run apps and integrate networks and network applications, they can perform process functions and enable business operations.

So the smart MFP does perform the functions of traditional printers, scanners, copiers, and fax machines, but it also handles these value-added tasks that traditional devices can’t. This creates incredible potential for cost savings that can be used to reduce operating costs or help fund related process improvements.

Brian Henderson, Director, Worldwide Product Marketing Lexmark International

Should I Upgrade my Multifunction Printer?

This depends on your budget, but the change toward smart MFP’s is inevitable. Smart multifunction printers provide the ability to enhance projects for business optimization or process improvement. Evaluating how work gets done in relation to printers, copiers, scanners could show that upgrading technology could save you significant money, in addition to the convenience and ease of use.

“IDC has recognized Xerox as a Leader in managed print and document services market, so its strong position in the smart MFP market corresponds with this adjacent opportunity as well.”

-Keith Kmetz, Vice President, IDC’s Imaging, Printing, and Document Solutions Programs

How Do I Get Started?

The first step is knowing your own business objectives, as in what it is that you are trying to accomplish. BXI Consultants can help you clearly establish these objectives, and guide you in the right direction. We can educate you about the capabilities of smart MFPs and provide you with better business solutions for you to increase your productivity and performance.

We have several Xerox Smart MFP products here on our website, which feature ConnectKey Technology, which has helped Xerox be named a leader in the industry of Smart Multifunction printer vendors.

IDC MarketScape remarked that ConnectKey Technology, which plays a foundational role in Xerox’s Next Generation Managed Print Services strategy, serves as the embedded software system that is at the heart of Xerox’s smart MFP portfolio. ConnectKey and the Xerox Extensible Interface Platform were highlighted by IDC MarketScape for their combined solutions development in four pillars including cloud and mobility, security, and other solutions offerings. As a result, Xerox offers a suite of capabilities for apps (Xerox App Studio), cloud (ConnectKey Share to Cloud), connectors to document management (SharePoint, DocuShare), mobile print (printing from mobile devices without additional software), and remote management.

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For more information on implementing SMFP technology for your business, or if you have any questions about how BXI can help your company’s workflow, please don’t hesitate to call, contact us, or stop in our facilities just moments outside of Buffalo NY.