Smart Multifunction Printers & Apps | Enhancing the Workday

The last few years have been a whirlwind of technological advancement. Smartphones have become a meaningful and primary form of organizing our personal lives, and the apps that lie within them help immensely. You’ve probably already seen how apps have made your personal life easier, but how much have you used apps in the business sector? Xerox Smart MFPs have made business transform into the digital space, and BXI can help you see just how that happens.

The way apps on your phone work is the same as how they work with multifunction printers, and they even can sync up together. Streamlining workflow is now as easy as using your weather app. Simply enough, apps within the MFP and managed print service platforms make life easier. They help to simplify workflow, organize vital information, and access information remotely. All of these things tied together help to improve process accuracy, saves time, and helps create a more seamless experience for both users and customers.

Whether you have a huge corporate office, or starting a small company, app-based workflows significantly improve productivity using very minor changes. In many cases, using apps on multifunction printers will just make more sense to your work staff, as most are probably more inclined to working on screens nowadays anyway. By uniting a multifunction printer and app to various business processes, you’re really adding value to the user experience for minimal cost.

Essentially when you think about apps in the business world, they turn your Xerox multifunction printer into a workplace assistant. Applied with managed print services, this tailors new solutions that are swiftly changing the printing and copying game.

“We’ve used basic apps like copy, fax and scan-to-email on multifunction devices for years. These are familiar to people, so it’s a good place to start when you’re ready for more business apps,” explains Paul Miller, Xerox solutions and app expert.

For more information on implementing business solutions for your company, give us a call today. We can get you started and help you better understand just how these apps work, what sort of multifunction printer you need to use them, how managed print services can help, and much more. We look forward to talking to you!