Why Turn to Managed Print Services?

Any company knows that trying to cut cost out of IT operations isn’t easy. How much does your company waste on ink and toner? Do you tend to just count on the printer, and go all “Office Space” on it when it jams up? Did you know your company could be missing out on preventing inevitable frustration by setting yourself up to succeed with managed print services? Take a little look into the benefits of choosing to turn to print management services.

Budget. Cost. Ease.

When looking at budgets from small to corporation sized companies, oftentimes printing cost falls to the wayside. Companies that push a lot of paper don’t tend to think about the associated wasted money that comes along with. Some companies don’t even know how much annual cost they are wasting on printers, copiers, ink, paper, toner cartridges, overhead associated with printing. Without print management services, much of this extra spend goes unnoticed.

Some IT departments have come to a realization. Print Management can help prevent unnecessary costs and troubleshooting. Turning to a specialist who can provide managed print services not only relieves the IT guy of being threatened when a printer shuts down, but significantly saves your organization money that could be going into other areas of budget. When the IT department doesn’t need to spend as much time defending themselves from violent employees trying to ask why the printer isn’t working, they can spend more time on other issues that need to be fixed. 

When you choose to turn to managed print services, it immediately makes printing levels more predictable. Let’s say you have an old machine go down permanently. If you’ve been saving money over time by using print management software, you’re going to have more money in the budget to replace that old device. If you’re able to gauge what the printers and copiers need before they run out, you’re going to be able to avoid that 300 page document getting shut down after page 60.

BXI Consultants can help provide managed print solutions for your company or organization. Based out of Buffalo NY, we can help you with anything associated with printing. If you are looking for a new machine, we have black and white multifunction, color MFP, KIP wide format printers, ink, toner, and also offer Xerox and Print Audit Print Management software. If any of the above sound like something you’d like to have a conversation about, please just give us a call or stop in our facility. Looking forward to meeting you, and helping your company print smarter.